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The right proteins for my baby


Venerdì 9 Ottobre 2015

Did you know that protein is the most essential macronutrient for the growth and development of the body? That’s why mums should make sure they give their child the optimal quality and quantity of protein. Along with a well-balanced diet that includes vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats, protein ensures your baby gets all the nutrients needed for healthy development.

Which protein should I give my baby?

There are several kinds of protein, like breast milk protein, cow’s milk protein, vegetable protein, meat protein, and cereal protein. A baby’s protein needs during the first 4 to 6 months are usually covered by a single protein source through breast milk. When your toddler starts eating solid foods, animal proteins like meat, fish and eggs, and growing up milk proteins are gradually introduced to the diet, along with plant proteins from vegetables and cereals. Proteins come in many different forms, and it’s easy to find a protein food that your toddler likes.

Which protein foods contain other nutrients?

Your baby will also benefit from other nutrients when eating protein food sources. For example meat has a lot of iron, and saltwater fish contains iodine and omega-3 fatty ac-ids. Dairy products have calcium, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12, and plant proteins like ce-reals and vegetables also contain important vitamins and carbohydrates. A good variety in your baby’s diet will give him all the quality protein and other essential nutrients he needs!

How much protein is the right amount?

Did you know that proteins can influence the speed of your baby’s growth? Animal pro-tein intake, and specifically dairy protein intake, around the age of 12 months can result in undesired rapid growth in your baby. This can result in a high Body Mass Index (BMI) around the age of 6 years. It is thus best to limit animal protein intake around 12 months of age.

Protein quality and quantity is an important part of your child’s well-balanced diet, and the right protein choices for your baby will ensure long-term metabolic health!

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